Stonetree™ System

Stonetree™ Walls are cast vertically creating a highly defined texture on both sides.
Combo-Cast technology allows the post and panel to be cast as one integral unit fifteen feet long. Stonetree™ walls can be manufactured in either 6’ or 8’ heights. Installation is quick and easy due to the rigid footing support every fifteen feet. CCP currently offers either a stacked stone patterned wall, or ashlar patterned wall. Once installation is complete the wall can be stained in a multitude of colors. Stonetree™ Fence Wall Systems have proven over time to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing, economical wall systems on the market.

Stackable System

This reliable system has been in production for over 20 years with over 60 miles of precast fence manufactured and installed. The wood or stone look is achieved using precision crafted molds, giving equally defined texture on both sides. Each 1’ x 5’ panel is slid down the channel in the “I” shaped post. The panel’s tongue and groove design allows it to interlock and stack invisibly.
A finished look is achieved by crowning the top panel with a textured cap rail. Coloring is integrated throughout to create a unique product tailored to each individual client. Due to the systems stackable design the wall can be installed in a variety of heights. The system offers design flexibility that is compatible with any architectural or landscape style.